Message from the Dean (School of Letters)


What happens in the Literature Department? From the name, you might expect its education and research to only be about literature, but it is actually about a lot more. The Literature Department encompasses the wide variety of academic fields that comprise the humanities, which examine human feeling and intellect, ranging from traditional disciplines such as philosophy, history and literature, to fields like psychology, anthropology and geography that relate to the environment and human actions. Together, united under the purpose of exploring human thought and action, these fields make up the Literature Department.

The endeavor to explore what it means to be human through the investigation of history and culture began in ancient times and continues to this day. In this era of advanced technological revolution and rapid globalization, we have the capability to obtain firm knowledge about life, society, history and other cultures, so that we may act in the world with intellectual bravery. In order to ascertain what civilized society should be like in the 21st Century, the insights into human beings and their cultures afforded by the humanistic approach are necessary. Cultivating individuals who can meet the challenges of the future is the role of the Literature Department.