Aesthetics/Art History



Two staff members are responsible for this department and specialize in the history of Indian/Central Asian and Buddhist art; and the history of Western medieval/Christian art.
Students are presently researching various works of art by traditional methods that focus on examining historical materials and data, as well as adopting the latest trends of study methods. This department has a long history as an academic environment with staff possessing the highest levels in religious art study and attracts students from other universities and other study majors. Many of the graduates from this department also take an active role in other fields.
Students are supervised closely and consistently with their future plans and individual needs. They are encouraged to select their research theme/subject based on their own initiative and accumulated experience through a process of presentations and interviews. The department provides classes customized to meet a student's interests. These classes are taught by full-time staff as well as guest teachers. Students are expected to proceed through the Master's and Doctoral programs consecutively and accumulate research experience and publish as well as present those results at an academic conference in order to receive a Doctoral degree. Most of the participants in the Doctoral program are selected as research fellows of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The department also emphasizes fostering advanced specialists such as curators. Many graduates have become such professionals. Business professionals are also welcome.

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