Archaeology is the study of history and culture through research of the remains from past human life and cultures. The main area of study used to be the period of time for which there was no or very little reference material. This area has now been expanded to include the medieval to modern period.
This department was established in 1963 as a secondary study department of the national history study and was renamed the Archaeology Department in 1966. The main focus of this department concerns archaeological studies of Japan. This includes empirical research of the Jomon Era (13,500-400 BC), prehistoric study, as well as the historic study of ancient to medieval times (7-16th Century).
This department strives to foster a student's ability to conduct autonomous research and precisely understand by delving into archaeological facts, which are necessary to become a successful in this academic field. The department also helps students in the planning and carrying out of meaningful excavations.
Master's program students are also expected to study natural scientific methodology and to write reports and a thesis. However, they will be asked to write a Master's thesis based on conventional research methodology in order to learn precise archaeological methods. Doctoral program students will receive appropriate instruction necessary to earn the Doctoral degree.

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