Chinese Literature



The oldest Chinese literature subject to research is found around 1,100 BC, if one considers the poems contained in the "Shi Jing (Book of Songs)" as the oldest Chinese literary work. Since then literary work in China has been continually carried on up to now and a wide variety of research subjects can be found throughout the 3,000 year period.
Chinese classical language was used not only in China, but also in Japan, North and South Korea and Vietnam, creating a cultural region of Chinese characters. In these regions, Chinese characters were used for the expression of their culture and scholarship and also as a means for communication. In this sense, trying to identify various research subjects and figuring them out by understanding the classical language accurately, and by trying to reconstruct the culture and the scholarship can also be research subjects for Chinese culture studies.
Having no discontinuation of language means that literary work produced in one certain time can be accumulated and passed on to subsequent generations. New literature cannot be created without the inheritance of past literature and the rise of conflicts over time. Literary work is not totally isolated or self-contained, Chinese literature in particular, and this is why our school views it as a part of classical studies even though we also deal with Chinese modern literature.
While different methodologies and viewpoints are adopted with a foundation of accurate reading comprehension, our goal is to provide students a free and active research environment.

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