Chinese Philosophy



This department is focusing on the academic study of Chinese thought.
Various ideas have been developed in China since ancient times, including the theory of human beings and the political thought backed by such theories, unique cosmology, religions such as Taoism and Chinese Buddhism, natural science and linguistics. And, these have formed the basis of Chinese culture, events and literature.
A deep and wide range of research is required for the study of Chinese philosophy. This includes an examination of ideological religion in the Korean peninsula and Japan, as well as "Chinese Classics." We welcome individuals such as those who venture to challenge such a difficult academic field.
Even today, where computers are readily available to assist with field research, diligent study of literature is still indispensable. This department emphasizes intensive document reading seminars in the original language in order to thoroughly understand its philosophy and historical ideology. Confucius said, "If I hold up one corner, I expect a student can come back to me with the other three." We expect our students keep this in mind so as to enable themselves to maintain their studies through solid discussions.

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