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Classical Studies is an academic field established to research human beings from various angles via literature and documents written in ancient Greek and Latin. While Classical Studies serves an important role in human studies in the West, there are not many schools in Japan that offer this study category. This department is the only one located in the Chubu/Tokai area.
The Classical Studies department emphasizes research of literature derived from myths stemming from various aspects including the science of religion, cultural anthropology, the science of comparative civilization, as well as the science of ancient social history. Students study metrical pieces such as epics, lyrical poetry, tragedies and comedies. We also look at novels, biographies and prose in the history, pleading and idea fields, to provide students with various genres to choose from. We look at ancient Greek and Roman history together as one combined classic world as opposed to two separate worlds. Therefore, we always keep ancient Mediterranean culture in mind in our research and education environment.
In Classical studies, the ability to read Greek and Latin is required. The department provides students with classes to learn both of these classical languages as well as small-group classes in which students can learn philological methods and gain knowledge of research reports in order to examine historical text data. To ensure students are able to write a first-rate thesis, we also hold seminars to give students the opportunity to present and discuss research results. This is in addition to the "Classics Study Group" where students are given the chance to exchange information with internal and external researchers.

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