International Students Education


There are approximately 60 foreign students from 13 countries and regions, mainly from China and Korea, currently studying at the School of Letters and Graduate School of Letters. We also have received many inquiries from foreign nationals residing in Japan and overseas who wish to enroll at our graduate school. The Graduate School of Letters appointed faculty members to provide information and support for such foreign students at the International Student Consultation Center located on the 1st floor of the school building. It is not easy for foreign students to adjust smoothly to a new life and to continue their studies in Japan. The center has been dealing with various types of issues in this regard, including official paperwork to get settled in Japan, visa renewal, housing, and medical and emotional problems in addition to issues with their research activities. The center staff takes sufficient time to listen to foreign students and gives them appropriate support and advice. The center also invites a professional psychological counselor every Thursday afternoon to be available to respond to students with emotional problems. Needless to say, the privacy of such students is protected. We hope students will not hesitate to utilize this facility.

Takayuki Kamada

Instructor Kamada has been engaged in text production and publication of 19th century French literature from the viewpoint of generative theory criticism. In recent years, he studied autograph manuscripts using Balzac's "Á Distinguished Provincial at Paris (Un Grand Homme De Province A Paris)" as a main corpus. He has also studied Balzac's prospective and unique fragmental writing style from the original texts and raised the possibility that there might have been a writing strategy based on a determined concept in Balzac's style. As a staff member at the International Student Consultation Center, Kamada helps students by expressing the difficulties and satisfaction (to be) derived from studying in a foreign country based on his own experiences.

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