Japanese History



In the study of history, researchers must determine their own research subject and examine it through historical materials. Researchers also must possess the ability to present a treatise of their study results. This department fosters a student's skills in reading and understanding historical documents. Students will also learn how to critique materials through interpretations of ancient records and documents, and enjoy uncovering new historical facts by evaluating and comparing the results of past research. As a result of such academic efforts,graduate students are able to discover their own research subjects and further explore their specialization area. Four staff members are responsible for this department: Tomohiro Furuoya, Associate Professor (Ancient History), Nobumichi Inaba, Professor (Medieval History), Satoshi Ikeuchi, Professor (Early Modern History) and Shoji Haga, Professor (Modern History). Students must attend a seminar for their major field of study but are also allowed to attend more than one seminar if desired. We ensure freedom of study and always maintain an open door policy to those who have a desire to expand their knowledge. Although each instructor has their own area of specialization, students are free to develop their research outside of this field and this department is well equipped to support such students. This department is the center of Nagoya's regional history study. The academic societies established within this department include the Nagoya Ancient History Study Group, the Medieval History Study Group, the Early-Modern History Study Group, the Japan Contemporary History Study Group and the Society for Nagoya Historical Sciences. Students are expected to join such regional academic organizations as well as national societies in addition to completing their school studies in order to provide them with an opportunity to present their research results.

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