Japanese Linguistics

The faculties of the Department of Japanese Linguistics are made up of two groups of researchers: one specializes in the historical study of Japanese and the other specializes in the history of doctrine. The name of the academic institute was changed from "the Society for the Study of National Language" to "the Society for Japanese Linguistics". . As a result of this change, the traditional name of this academic field, "Study of National Language" has disappeared from the list of departments and institutes since then. Having Japanese researchers actively involved in research internationally, the widening gap with neighboring studies of literature, and the pervasiveness of general linguistics theories are examples of the various contributing factors for this change. Reflecting this trend, a wide variety of research fields have become available for our graduate students and they can select their research interest at their discretion. Many graduate students work on theoretical studies and new methods to deal with massive volumes of data, reflecting the tendency of the research in the Society of Japanese Linguistics., but almost any phenomenon or discovery related to Japanese language can be a subject of a study. Thus, a free amateur spirit that is not restricted by existing ideas and research methods may be required from time to time. The faculty has a responsibility to support the research of graduate students who aim to become experts in this academic field. The students receive a critique through seminars, where they give presentations on their research and receive feedback. Once they complete this process, they can give presentations at the Society of Japanese Linguistics conferences. The students who are enrolled in the doctoral program, in particular, should make at least one presentation at the Society conference. It is expected that their research appear in the journal of the Society. By doing so, students will be able to take the path to become independent researchers.

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