The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program
Undergraduate School and Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University


The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program for Graduate Students

The JACS graduate program offers opportunities to develop rich, deep, critical insights into the complex relations between Japan and other East Asian countries, with a focus on the context of modern world history and globalizing contemporary society. Our course offerings explore interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to exchanges, interactions, and interrelations in East Asia within global historical contexts.

Students of the graduate program develop expertise--both specialized knowledge and analytical research skills--in one or two of the following academic disciplines: literary studies, cinema studies, modern history, intellectual history, and visual culture studies. We encourage and support the development of new theoretical and historical perspectives on Japanese culture in Asia, exploring the ways people in East Asia have enacted multifaceted relationships and negotiations through literature, cinema, and other sociocultural products.

In addition, the graduate program provides opportunities to interact with internationally distinguished scholars from different countries at international conferences, workshops, and other events organized regularly in Nagoya and locations around Japan and the world. After completing the Master's program, you can continue developing your research in a PhD program, or apply your knowledge and skills in governmental, commercial, and other ventures. In either case, the in-depth knowledge, broad views, and keen insights cultivated in this program should prove invaluable in grappling with the tensions and problems of international coexistence to improve global society.

Examples of Research Topics

  • ・Matsumoto Seichō's Mysteries in Japan and China: Transnational Readers and Transmedia
  • War and Women in Kawabata Yasunari's Works
  • Literary Films and Voice-Over
  • Representations of Children in the PR Magazines of Mitsukoshi Department Store
  • Korean Films under the Colonial Policy
  • Female Film Audiences and the Rise of Consumer Culture
  • Zhang Ziyi and Globalization
  • Children in Japanese Films under the U.S. Occupation