The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program
Undergraduate School and Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University


The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program for Undergraduate Students

The Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program (JACS) undergraduate program offers you the opportunity to explore the rich and complex relations between Japan and other East Asian countries. With particular emphasis on cultural history, cinema and visual culture, and literature, the curriculum is designed to help you master general academic skills such as critical thinking, analytical reading, and effective communication skills while acquiring a broad perspective on Japanese culture in Asia and specialized knowledge in one or more discipline. JACS aims to produce active and productive members of global society, and to play a key role in facilitating cultural exchange and friendship between Japan and the world.

Examples of Research Topics

  • ・The Japanese literary film boom in the 1930s
  • ・Rickshaws and modernization in Japan and China
  • ・A comparative study of Japanese and Chinese girls-novels
  • ・Korean film audiences under colonial policy
  • ・Korean-residents-in-Japan in literature
  • ・Anime and new media in contemporary Japan

Career Prospects

JACS graduates can look forward to careers as:

  1. ・Instructors of Japanese language and culture
  2. ・Government officials, especially in the international sections of public offices
  3. ・Employees of international trading or manufacturing companies

In addition to jobs both in Japan and abroad, JACS graduates are welcome to pursue postgraduate study here at Nagoya University. We offer English-language graduate courses in the humanities, include modern Japanese literature and Japanese cinema.